We live, work and play in the Dolores neighborhood. We want to build a safe, clean, connected and vibrant community, and think the Green Benefit District is an idea worth exploring. 

neighborhood concerns

Some persistent issues in our neighborhood include (but not limited to): garbage in public spaces, sidewalk obstructions and unsanitary conditions, and public safety. 

Our formation effort is guided by the following values:

  • We share a sense of responsibility to work together to care for and enhance our neighborhood

  • We align and collaborate with fellow residents, local businesses, neighborhood associations, and City government to make our community as livable and enjoyable as it can be

  • We are inclusive and respectful of the diversity of our community and visitors

  • We commit to a green, sustainable city and environment

  • We share a concern for the safety and well-being of all 

Ultimately, we are working toward the following outcomes:

  • A connected and engaged community 

  • Enhanced maintenance and safety of our neighborhood’s public spaces

  • Small scale greening improvements such as sidewalk and median gardens

  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle safety

  • Thriving local businesses

  • Honoring our history while actively shaping our future

  • City agencies held accountable for providing their baseline services

  • A formation process that is democratic, accountable and responsive to community interests