The GBD has committed support from a number of local organizations

(More letters of support coming soon!)


“The GBD would create a responsive local entity for advocacy, empowerment and investments in better community life. It also helps address San Francisco’s broader need for high quality public space. I respectfully request your support of the Mission Dolores GBD for the benefit of the community and City overall.”

Scott Wiener, California State Senator

Rafael Mandelman, San Francisco District 8 Supervisor

“Residents reasonably wonder why City government has been unable to provide the benefits to be provided by a GBD.  I share their frustration, and intend to spend every day I am in office working to make City Hall more effective and responsive to neighborhood concerns.  But the folks trying to organize the GBD have worked for years with my office and the office of previous Supervisors to improve conditions within the GBD boundaries.  I obviously haven’t given up on our local government stepping up its game, but if I lived in the GBD area, I would vote for the GBD.”

“A benefit district provides a devoted team and dedicated oversight structure to prioritize and address neighborhood quality of life issues. Having a centralized unit with which to communicate and strategize allows Fix-it to get more done.

“In my experience, benefit districts allow the city to have deeper partnerships with neighborhoods; they are empowered by residents and are in a position to provide funding and expedite creative solutions to fix ongoing neighborhood challenges.”

Sandra Zuniga, Director of Mayor’s Fix-It Team

“As a block and community organizer, I know what effort goes into marshaling resources to get things organized and done. Knowing which city agency can help is half the battle; and doing the followup to actually get it done is 'at least' another half. The 311 app is great, but it really just covers basics -- not anything strategic or additive. And it doesn't create a sense of community or neighborhood that I desire.

I see the Benefit District as a way to collaborate more powerfully across different groups, funnel our needs and streamline access to new resources. It will be their first job (instead of doing it in a little spare time) to make our blocks vibrant and a joy to walk through; with metrics and direct accountability to the community. I'm also looking forward to bringing back an optimism and a thoughtful approach about how cultural awareness can build a caring community where we participate together and out for each other.”

Carolyn Thomas, Ford Street resident

Matt Brezina, Ford Street resident

“I'm excited to have a professional team advocating for our district within city agencies.  Navigating city agencies to get graffiti removed, sidewalks cleaned, and block parties approved is too much effort for busy everyday citizens.  Paying a small assessment to have a team handling these issues is well worth it.”

“We live in a beautiful neighborhood with great parks and streets with cafes and bars that are popular spots for the city residents and visitors to hang out. The popularity of our neighborhood parks and streets create a quality of life issue that the city has not been able to take care of, especially for the residents who live in these high-demand areas. The creation of the Green Benefit District will help us take control of our neighborhood and make our parks and streets more livable.”

Ari Daman, Dolores Heights resident

“I love my neighborhood! This proposed GBD in outlined Mission Dolores neighborhood speaks of community voices imagining a cleaner, safer and welcoming destination for all whom live, work & visit. My voice is but one of concerned neighbors to participate and promote a modest assessment for the greater good of this unique neighborhood.”

Tom Shaub, 20th Street resident

“In the almost 10 years I've lived in the Mission Dolores neighborhood I've come to truly appreciate the attractions and all aspects of diversity that makes this a special location in San Francisco. We are host to our Bay Area neighbors and visitors from all over the world. I want our neighborhood to shine for every resident and visitor so this can continue to be a place that we're all pride of. That's why I support the establishment of a Mission Dolores Green Benefit District.”

Ned Moran, Guerrero Street resident

“My employer had locations in two different benefit assessment districts. What a difference they made! The GBD will provide services that are distinctly different from the City. Cities legislate, govern, and enforce. All good and important things. GBDs manage public space for the benefit of the entire public – for residents, visitors, workers, and those unfortunates who are struggling to live on the street. The GBD will make our wonderful neighborhood even better for everyone.”

Jim Chappell, Guerrero Street resident

“It is worth it to me to pay $250 a year to help make our neighborhood better. I read the (SF Chronicle) article. I am supportive.”

Justin Hecht, Dolores Heights resident