We are a group of neighbors interested in exploring a potential Mission Dolores GBD to enhance our community's parks and open spaces. To learn how you can get involved, please contact us!



I first moved to San Francisco in 1957. I have lived in Fort Mason, the Presidio, the Richmond, the Sunset - and now, for over 30 years, Eureka Valley and Dolores Heights. Although I moved away temporarily for various educational, professional or personal reasons, my love of the City and its neighborhoods and people have always brought me back.


I moved from the Garden State to the Golden State 22 years ago. My husband said this is our last house so we were picky, and chose to live in Eureka Valley, where its relatively sunny and flat. I participate in the community as a member of the Community Oriented Police Strategy working group, SF SAFE captain, NERT certified, and have served on 5 juries during my time in San Francisco. I enjoy going out for long hikes with my spouse and dog, listening to jazz and roots music, and helping out with gardening projects. I work as a strategic planning manager for a financial institution designing customer systems.



Born and raised in San Francisco’s Ashbury Heights neighborhood, Claude comes from a strong family background in civic engagement and community stewardship. He lives in the Castro with his partner and is involved with the Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association. He previously worked for the Union Square Business Improvement District in operations and strategic planning to support the area as a safe, vibrant, and attractive destination. He currently works for the SF Parks Alliance.

Conan McHugh

Enjoy visiting Dolores Park regularly? Love our unique intersection of the Castro, Mission & Noe neighborhoods? Want to give back?  Careful…answering “Yes” to all three of those questions was the only qualification required to get Conan engaged in the Dolores GBD. While luck brought him and his family to the Castro back in 2006, it was intentional that they've stayed within a handful of blocks of Dolores Park since then despite multiple moves. Conan is passionate about our neighborhood and looks forward to engaging with all of you to make it an even better community.  When he is not busy between work (engineering sales) and assisting with the GBD, you can find Conan at the Park daily with his wife and dogs, Bodie & Juno.


Hans Kolbe

I moved from Kiel, Germany to San Francisco in 1980 and have lived up on Dolores Heights since 1992.  Engagement in my neighborhood has always been an important part of my life. I love getting people together in creative community actions, and strengthening our local support systems.   You may have seen me in the park playing Violoncello and/or running around with my Dog Kirby.  I am very proud of the Mission Dolores area.  It's a gorgeous  area. We have a diverse and creative community with lots of energy to build our own future.  Safety, cleanup, greening, community activities, art, and music.  If it can be done - we can do it here.


Jim Chappell

Jim Chappell has lived in the Dolores Park neighborhood since 1985 and been a homeowner since 1990. He is an urban planner by training, and helped form and expand the Union Square Business Improvement District, and the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District and been on their boards. He also helped form the Central Market, Civic Center, and East Cut Community Benefit Districts.  He taught a course “Gardens, Parks and Urban Open Spaces” for over 25 years.


Ned Moran

I have been a resident of San Francisco for the past ten years and have lived in the Dolores Park neighborhood for the past six years.  My work experience is in financial services technology and I retired in 2013. I volunteer at the SF Botanical Garden and at Cesar Chavez Elementary School with the non-proft group, Reading Partners.  I’ve also worked on projects to plant and maintain the Guerrero Street median.  I am committed to doing whatever I can to keep my neighborhood vibrant, clean and safe.  That’s why I’m a big supporter for the Dolores Park GBD.


Robert Brust

Robert Brust has been a proud Californian since moving to San Francisco in 1977. He now lives on Liberty Street in a home he bought with Joel Costa, his partner of 27 years. He is a private chef and caterer, a member of the Dolores Heights Improvement Club, board member of the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, and appointed District 8 representative on the Parks Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC). In 2009, Robert helped found Dolores Park Works, an advocacy and service organization which joined with the Dolores Park Ambassadors in 2017.  

Noted accomplishments are the continued vibrancy of Dolores Park Works and current park conditions, thanks to significant direct community engagement and outreach; partnerships with city officials, local merchants, journalists, bloggers and neighborhood groups; and regular open invitation public meet-ups. Last year, Robert founded the Dolores Garden Club, a group committed to monthly garden projects in Dolores Park. He also produced the first Dolores History Day along with the Dolores Park Ambassadors and Love Dolores Campaign. As a PROSAC member, Robert advocated for the acquisition and development of more open space and park land to address our growing population and underserved areas, as well as for full staffing for the Dolores Park Rangers and an increase in tree maintenance.


Sam Mogannam

Sam is the second-generation owner of Bi-Rite Market, which has been in his family since 1964. Under his direction for the past 20 years, Sam has been actively involved in his community. He co-founded 18 Reasons, a non-profit community cooking school, located next to Bi-Rite Creamery, and is an active partner with Mission High School. Having spent the past 40+ years of his life on and around 18th Street, Sam knows the neighborhood and many of its residents intimately.

tom shaub

Arriving in magical San Francisco in 1978, I enjoyed a career in furniture manufacturing, sales, and marketing with a local storied firm The Wicker Works. Now retired, my energy and passion for SF is directed within my neighborhood, Mission Dolores, where I have been a resident since 1991. Married at City Hall to my husband Dave in 2015, this past fall I became a volunteer Deputized Marriage Commissioner for Civil Marriages at City Hall. Joyous!

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The San Francisco Parks Alliance is working with community members to better understand neighborhood needs and explore the options to create a cleaner, greener, and safer place to live, work, and play. We champion, transform and activate parks and public spaces throughout the City.